Sell Your Business Quick

Do you want to save yourself from the dreadful task of selling your business quickly without wasting your precious time?

Sell Quickly Through Us

We only entertain 5-8 businesses at a time and close deal real quick because of our lazer focus on finding buyers

Stay Safe While Transacting

We use Escrow to make sure both buyers and sellers safe from any possible fraud that usually occurs on OTHER PLATFORMS!

Outsource Dreadful Tasks to Us

We handle the Sales pitch, PL sheet, Revenue & Traffic data collection, Contract, Transferring the assets, etc. for you

Easy Transfer Process

The transfer process to the buyer will be carried out by our team so you can just sit and relax while we handle this task for you.

Levy Our Marketing for Absolutely Free

Promotions fees and listing fees on our partner channels will be paid by us, so you don’t pay ANYTHING before your business is sold.

Pay Only When Sold

We don’t charge anything until your business is sold. When the business is acquired, we charge 15% as commission.

Get Your Business Sold Today

Our 3-Step Process


We create the PL sheet of your business and our copywriting experts will prepare the sales pitch of your business. We will take some necessary information & ask for snapshots of the revenues and traffic.At this step if required, we will be recording a podcast with you regarding your business to show to our pool of potential buyers(Duration- 24 hours max)


We determine the selling price of your business using dozens of factors and start contacting our list of buyers and investors and we list your business with our partner platforms. We invest all the money at this stage and won’t charge you anything. All the promotions will be done by us completely.


Every time a lead is captured, we will handle inquiries and will setup a conference call with you if the buyer is really interested. We will stay in touch with you via any required medium(Skype/Whatsapp/Linkedin) and will keep you updated

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Why Try Us to Sell Your Business

To run a sales process and get maximum value takes a looooong time. You need to prep the business for sale, list it on the market, find a good buyer, convince them your business isn’t a lemon, negotiate closing and train them without you both killing each other. So, let us handle all the dirty work for you & you just sit and relax while we get your business sold through our strong systems and processes.

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We’ve built a completely private and exclusive marketplace for online businesses where you’ll be able to find off-market, vetted deals. If you’re ready to invest to get traffic and sales today, these vetted businesses just might be the business opportunity you’re looking for. Each site is verified to ensure the assets you get are positioned to perform from day one.

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